Norah Jones - Wake me up


Wake me up when it's over,
Wake me up when it's done,
When he's gone away and taken everything,
Wake me up.

Wake me up when the skies are clearing,
When the water is still,
'cause I will not watch the ships sail away so,
Please say you will.

If it were any other day,
This wouldn't get the best of me.

But today I'm not so strong,
So lay me down with a sad song,
And when it stops then you know I've been,
Gone too long.

But don't shake me awake,
Don't bend me or I will break,
Come find me somewhere between my dreams,
With the sun on my face.

I will still feel it later on,
But for now I'd rather be asleep.





這位 isalaci 回應的真好~


“ People suffering from heartbreak find their body and mind reacting strangely even in normal situations.

  They experience mood swings.They avoid places and people that bring up nostalgic memories,

  heartbreak songs make them weep uncontrollably.

  If you are facing a similar heartbreak syndrome,don't despair.

  You may still be a...ble to move on with your life and become a stronger human being! ” 















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